3-D Environmental, LLC (“3-D Environmental”) was founded in October of 2017 by CEO, Stewart Cooper. 3-D is an environmental contractor, with headquarters located in the Gulf Coast and services spanning nationwide. 3-D is committed to 24-hour response and recovery for any torrential weather circumstances, environmental mishaps; specializing in impacted soil remediation, contaminated site preparation, and restoration. 3-D has a specialized approach to turnkey environmental solutions that serves a wide range of customers.

3-D Environmental is dedicated to safety, sustainability and efficiency. 3-D supports the oil and gas industry with superior environmental management services. We seek to exceed our client’s expectations on every project through integrity and quality.


It is the vision of 3-D Environmental to create and provide a safe environment with an experienced team of professionals. 3-D stands behind its work and strives to deliver superior value in efficiency, quality, durability, customer service, and our commitment to the industry always keeping safety first.